Friday, 27 December 2013

A night like the last

He knocked. Like last night and the million nights before this, he stood at the door and knocked. There was no answer. Another night like the last…

He lit the lamp and sat down on the cold ground. For a moment he looked around, gazing at the shapes the night had created. There was something beautiful about a moonless night, he thought.

His voice broke the silence. His mind wandered off as he spoke to the night. The darkness listened. There was no answer. The voice went on. Oh! What stories he had to tell.

“Oh how we laughed and laughed some more
at life’s little delights

Oh how we danced and danced some more
to a tune just right

Oh how we spun those tales of joy
that left a twinkle in our eyes…”

He paused. The night was silent. He waited. Like all nights, he waited.

“Ha ha ha ha ha”. The laughter tore the darkness. Tonight, the house laughed.

He smiled and listened. The laughter of a million nights slowly faded away. Silence crept back in.

There is something beautiful about tonight, he thought.

-------- X --------

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Chasing lights

I dreamed I was chasing the lights…

I had the same dream last night. The lights beckoned me to the cold dark forest.

I followed.

I remember I’d get lost in the woods. On cold winter evenings, I’d walk through unknown roads, meandering through thoughts, I’d forget to wonder where the road led.

And then I’d see those lights. Children of the night, flickering and dancing to a strange rhythm. The wind howled and screamed, a stubborn old fella who needed to cause a ruckus every now and then to let the world know of his presence. The lights would sing and dance in unison and I’d join in that solitary song of the night.

Tonight, I am a spectator. Tonight my memories play on an old television set, vintage, broken, nostalgia in black and white.

Nights like this, I wish I could chase those lights again…

-------- X --------

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