Down the rabbit hole

With the recent crackdown on underground boxing, the police have intensified their search for Alice Liddell, owner of The Rabbit Hole pub, notorious for running the bunny boxing matches that made headlines earlier this year.

Caught in June, she was released from police custody on grounds of poor mental health as testified by her doctor, Lewis Carroll. His publication on her fancies- Alice's adventures in wonderland received considerable interest from the press and general public, with many claiming that he was the one actually pulling the strings. However, further investigation by the police on this matter yielded no results and the theory was abandoned.

Following an anonymous tip, the police raided Mad Hatter's house last night but save for a kettle of tea, the house was empty. Sources say they may have escaped the country with The White Rabbit.

In other news, the dreaded Red Rooster was caught while crossing the road.

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