Monday, 3 November 2014

I know the words now

Empty cups of coffee rest
untouched on the windowsill,
leftovers from an afternoon when,
against a bleeding summer sky,
I tried to write our story
but failed to say the words.
We were in love, you and I;
a love I did not realise.
I betrayed you, left you
like a cocaine-addled junkie
searching for easy shots
of false pleasures.
With each sting of the needle,
I felt your presence, ethereal, ephemeral,
like a young summer afternoon.
I searched for you
in all the wrong places
as the years rolled by,
but I'm here now, and
there's so much I want to say.
Listen. Give me another chance.
I know the words now.

It's true what they say,
we find our muse
in the depths of a raging sea.
You are my first love

and tonight, I am falling in love again.

-------- X --------

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