3 x 4 Poems

The following poems were written for the 3 x 4 poetry writing challenge on HitRecord. - http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1749262 [The challenge was to write a poem with four lines of three words].

1. When did we
Start our lonely
Journey to leave
Each other behind.

2. Let’s keep this
White space blank
Words will just
Tear it apart.

3. Tonight I’m going
On a date
With my thoughts
Under the stars.

4. We are storytellers
Telling our tales
To a world
That won’t listen.

5. The universe laughs
At this idiot
Splendidly screwing up
All his chances.

6. It is because
We don’t scream
That our thoughts
Will kill us.

7. There’s a girl
At the stairs
Waiting for someone
Who’s not me.

8. You are a
Summer girl dancing
And spring blooms
At your feet.

-------- X --------


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